C is for Coupe

Well, yes, that’s true, but today we’re specifically looking at the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe.

It was really a hatchback, but American’s don’t generally buy hatchbacks (though we’re increasingly buying fewer coupes, too, these days). As the smallest Mercedes, the C-Class Coupe was designed to be the entry-level car intended to turn young buyers into life-long Mercedes owners.

I don’t know if any of that happened, but I do Mercedes-Benz ran this ad in a September 2001 magazine.

Mercedes-Benz ad from September 2001

The print on the left asks:

Remember how much you loved your first car?
Just wait till you get your first Mercedes.

And where could you go to find more information about the C-Class Coupe? Well, up the very upper right-hand corner of the ad is a simple little reference to C-COUPE.com.

Seems simple and elegant enough, yes? And Mercedes-Benz still makes a C-Class coupe (though the new one is a true two-door coupe, not a hatchback — I’m not even going to get started on the four-door sedans that Mercedes calls “coupes” – that’s just wrong.)

Checking out C-COUPE.com today gives us this:

Yeah, that’s not good. That’s the default 404 page my Internet provider splashes on my screen when there’s nothing to return.

And there’s nothing to return here because C-COUPE.com is a truly dead URL. Nobody owns it. It’s just out there, ready for the taking.

Anyone have a C-Class Coupe that they want to promote? There’s a very relevant domain out there just waiting for you.

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