European Vacation

What could be better than driving a new Saab? Driving a new Saab through Europe!

That’s exactly what this ad from October 2006 suggested you do:

Saab ad from October 2006

The premise of the ad is simple. Buy a Saab. Then pick it up in Europe while taking a little vacation for yourself. Drive around as much as you want. And then when it’s time to come home, your new Saab will be shipped back to this side of the pond.

My parents actually did something just like this when they bought their new 1974 Volkswagen Beetle in Germany, drove around a bunch, and then had the car shipped to Arizona.

Sounds like fun!

And you can learn all about this great program at

Pretty simple and straight-forward. Of course, Saab no longer makes cars, so what has become of

Yeah, a Page Not Found page is no surprise here.

We’ve actually visited before and saw that the company is now geared toward defense technology and such. You can’t pick up your new Saab 9-3 or 9-5 in Europe anymore because that branch of the company just doesn’t exist.

So, no, we can’t really blame Saab for dropping the site section. But I guess I was secretly hoping that the quirky Swedes would have done something fun with the site, just for giggles.

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