Is This Toyota?

Who else would it be? Of course it’s Toyota!

Well, maybe they want you to think they’re as cool as Mazda, with their slick little Miata. Or maybe as good as Honda with the amazing S2000.

Toyota’s offering in the convertible sporty segment was the mid-engine MR2.

Now, I’ve never driven an MR2, but by all accounts it was a neat little car. Certainly it was a far cry from the more boring Camrys (Camries?) and Corollas that Toyota was using to print money in the early 2000s.

Toyota ad from June 2000

That’s why the ad above for the spiffy MR2 features the website I suppose they’re trying to insinuate that Toyota is cooler than it actually is because it makes a competent convertible?

The ad also goes on and on and on about how there’s no cover to the convertible top once down because that saves weight (big deal — my S2000 doesn’t have an automatic cover and the vinyl cover that came with car is pretty permanently stored in the garage and weighs, maybe 5 pounds when it is in the car).

But we don’t care about convertible covers today. We care about websites. And today, takes us here:

Okay! Not bad. That’s Toyota’s main website for the United States.

Really, where else would the site go? They no longer make the MR2. And “Is This Toyota” isn’t a slogan they’ve been using for the 86 or Supra coupes. So at least they’re doing something productive with the old site by directing readers to their current lineup.

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