I have never had the opportunity or need to use GM’s OnStar service. But for those of you who might not know what it is, OnStar alerts paramedics and other emergency services in the event of an accident in your OnStar-equipped car.

I don’t doubt the value of OnStar at all. In fact, I think all of our increasingly connected vehicles will soon be equipped with this and other services to keep us all safe.

But how do you let the road-going public know about OnStar’s services? With an ad, of course!

And that’s what brings us to today’s focus. Here’s an ad from July 2005 that highlights OnStar from GM:

GM OnStar ad from July 2005

In a couple of places, the ad encourages us to visit onstar.com:

And that’s all fine and good for 15 years ago.

But where does onstar.com lead us today?

Not surprising, the site still exists today, in 2020, as GM still owns and uses the OnStar brand. Yay!

Good for you, GM, for holding on to the onstar.com URL. It makes sense for you to continue this branding, but it’s still refreshing to see good domain management.

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