Porsche Motorsports

Once again, we have a car company that wants to show how awesome its cars are by touting their record in the racing world. This time, it’s Porsche’s turn.

Like most other manufacturers (especially those who make performance models) the bragging is justified. Porsche makes fast cars and they are right to emphasize that heritage in their advertising.

That brings us to this ad from October 2002:

Porsche ad from October 2002

Aside from the fact that they may need to get their photographer a lens that can actually focus, the ad is pretty non-descript.

But at the end of that block of text in the middle, we get the nugget that we came here for:

Now, frankly, Porsche doesn’t advertise a lot of special sections or special domains. They don’t have the fewest, but they are far from the company with the most (that I’ve seen, at least).

That’s why it’s a pleasant surprise to find Porsche.com/Motorsport in this ad.

The ad is nearly two decades old at this point. So what became of Porsche.com/Motorsport?

Yes! Not only does Porsche.com/Motorsport give good, relevant content, it now redirects to a special subdomain at https://motorsports.porsche.com/.

This is precisely the kind of good web management we like to see around here. A special site section was used in advertising many years ago. The company shifted it’s marketing or brand strategy. But they’re keep the old domain alive by redirecting it to something new and useful. In the end, we all win.

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