Roving the Land

Land Rover ad from Jan. 1998

We have one quick site to review today and it belongs to Land Rover. Specifically, it’s an ad for the 1998 Discovery that encouraged readers to go online (or call) to receive a free book about 4×4 vehicles. And everyone likes free things!

The site promoted in the ad is simply This is notable since looking up capable British SUVs from this side of the pond today lands you at

So where is today?

Not terribly surprising, the domain is still active as the international site for the company. Going there today takes you to a splash screen asking you to pick your region.

This is all good. It makes sense for Land Rover to hold onto a domain as simple as And it looks like the experience back in 1998 was not too dissimilar to what we see today. A quick search of shows that more than 20 years ago, going to also gave you an option to pick your region.

However, the archived version of the site still doesn’t show me where I can still get a copy of that book.

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