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Suzuki no longer sells cars in the United States. But that doesn’t stop us from checking up on websites the company used in the past.

Frankly, Suzuki has been very good about keeping their web strategy consistent. For the most part, they almost always advertised simply, which, as we checked on previously, is still a valid site promoting the company’s powersports products.

However, Suzuki did occasionally take a different approach as we see in this ad:

Suzuki Ad from February 2007

Yeah, yeah. Blah blah blah. XL7. Yadda yadda. Wannabe motorcycle. Whatever. I think people only bought the XL7 because it was cheap. I may have seen one on the road recently but I really can’t remember because they’re just soooo boring.

But we don’t care so much about the XL7. We care about this bit of text near the bottom of the ad:

Now, I presume was set up specifically to promote Suzuki cars and trucks, while was focused more on all products, including motorcycles and marine engines.

I suspect this was the case because this is what we get when we try to go to today:

That’s actually really cool! No, Suzuki no longer sells cars and trucks in the United States. But there are likely enough owners out there who may have questions about parts and service. To keep a site alive to provide that information is a pretty smart marketing move in my opinion.

And who knows? Maybe some day Suzuki will return to the U.S. market with a whole new lineup of interesting cars. Or maybe not.

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